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02142009076_NLT (Warrenhurst, Illinois, United States) Photo
02/14/2009 (Winfield, Illinois, United States) Photo
02/14/2009 (Warrenville, Illinois, United States) Photo
02142009087_NLT (Warrenville, Illinois, United States) Photo
Blackwell Forest Preserve
von caobhin am Feb 14, 2009
Warrenhurst, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 6.7 miles (23 miles away)
Windy City Hikers Meetup Group:http://hiking.meetup.com/169/calendar/9696845/
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Spring has sprung at Palos Park
von hmiller001 am May 11, 2013
Palos Park, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 8.0 miles (15.3 miles away)
Many of the spring-blooming wildflowers are out...and scattered along the Cap Sauers trail (yellow markers).
On the Trail Photo
An Interesting Tree Photo
An Interesting Track Photo
An Early Thaw Photo
P94 Hiking Club - Pilcher Park
von NLPack94 am Jan 19, 2013
Joliet, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 2.3 miles (3.1 miles away)
Blue Skies Photo
Reclaimed Prairie Photo
Spring Creek Photo
Reservoir Drainage Photo
P94 Hiking Club - Hadley Valley
von NLPack94 am Apr 20, 2013
New Lenox, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 2.8 miles (4.1 miles away)
Lake Renwick Photo
Bird Island Photo
Goslings at Budde Lake Photo
Budde Lake Photo
P94 Hiking Club - Lake Renwick
von NLPack94 am May 11, 2013
Plainfield, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 2.3 miles (7.2 miles away)
On the trail Photo
Leaves of Three... Photo
Marshy Ravine Photo
Must be some BIG woodchucks! Photo
P94 Hiking Club - Messenger Woods
von NLPack94 am Aug 10, 2013
Lockport, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 2.3 miles (7.4 miles away)
Old Plank Road Trail Photo
Spur to Hickory Creek Bikeway Photo
Bridge of Route 30 Photo
Destination! Photo
P94 Hiking Club - Old Plank & Bikeway
von NLPack94 am Sep 08, 2013
Mokena, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 2.1 miles (9.6 miles away)
20090525_WaterfallGlen_004.jpg Photo
20090525_WaterfallGlen_005.jpg Photo
20090525_WaterfallGlen_010.jpg Photo
20090525_WaterfallGlen_013.jpg Photo
Waterfall Glen Hike
von mhansen514 am May 24, 2009
Riverside, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 11.4 miles (38 miles away)
A nice moderate hike in the DuPage County forest preserve system. This trail wraps around Argonne National Laboratory. The loop is 9.5 miles long, but add a little distance if you decide to explore the "spurs."
Norb Kluga Bridge Photo
 Crushed limestone trail Photo
Looking West from the Joe Forzley Bridge Photo
View from the boat launch Photo
Heritage Quarries, Lemont 05-09-11
von dgbridwell am May 09, 2011
Hastings, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 3.0 miles (11.8 miles away)
DrRic Hiking -Knock Knolls Park
von DrRic am Jul 15, 2012
Woods of Rivermist, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 3.4 miles (13.3 miles away)
Did a Sunday fast hike in a forest preserve (right in my backyard) local and was pleasantly surprised.  I ended filming some video inserts to place in a powerpoint lecture about Sleep Problems.  (see www.slideshare.net search for DrRic Good Night)  Otherwise a great hike to enjoy with bike paths that are paved but of path trails that wind nicely and enter into beautiful stream water ways.   If you like the 4+ minutes...
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Spring beauty Photo
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von christymarie am May 20, 2011
Sag Bridge, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 1.8 miles (13.8 miles away)
Greatest field trip ever. 
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resize hummingbird.jpg Photo
P8040839.JPG Photo
P8040843.JPG Photo
DrRic Hiking -Sagawau Canyon
von DrRic am Aug 04, 2012
Sag Bridge, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 0.2 miles (13.9 miles away)
The Sagawau Environment Learning Center hosted a Canyon Tour today.  Short hike with some nice magnesium/calcium stone formation.  Too hot to find snakes but alot of frogs spotted.  Usually restricted to go down into the canyon, trails were open but will wait until next month when they host a snake hunting outing. 
P6150001.JPG Photo
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P6150003.JPG Photo
P6150004.JPG Photo
DrRic Hiking -The New Waterfall Glen
von DrRic am Jun 15, 2014
Wandern | 1.7 miles (14.0 miles away)
I only hiked the groomed paths in the past.  With the new vista they created, serves as a nice outlook over one of the bends in the creek.  Nice shade and not too many mosquitos at this vantage point.  Easy access (about 1/2 mile from the guard house parking/entrance to youth camp.  With spring greenery, cant see the Waterfall.  Path from the vista down into the creek walk provides a few different...
PB272765.JPG Photo
PB272766.JPG Photo
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PB272768.JPG Photo
DrRic Hiking - East Trails at Waterfall Glen
von DrRic am Nov 27, 2012
Tedens, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 2.2 miles (14.1 miles away)
Waterfall Glen area is closed for summer winter 2012.  I went to the bridge area  just west Cass on Bluff Rd and took a trail walking by the creek.  Made my way via the water to avoid the restricted areas.  Drive way to campground also roped off but as I took a trail off Clarendon Trails it placed me back into the campground.  Ran into an Opossum that just played possum.  An...
PB302932.JPG Photo
PB302933.JPG Photo
PB302934.JPG Photo
PB302935.JPG Photo
DrRic Hiking - Waterfall Glen
von DrRic am Nov 30, 2012
Lemont, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 9.0 miles (14.1 miles away)
Shed my pack and carried 5 lbs of water with walking sticks.  Nice trail, all pebbles, well spaced port o lets/year round toilets.  I was in a hurry to squeeze out 9 miles so didnt go off trail but to the east trails (mile marker 6 on up) lot of trails that head into the woods.  Especially surrounding the camp area-see my last Waterfall Glen Everytrail entry.  Sounds like the Waterfall and...
GOPR1819.JPG Photo
GOPR1820.JPG Photo
GOPR1821.JPG Photo
GOPR1822.JPG Photo
DrRic Hiking -Green Valley Trail Lisle
von DrRic am Mar 20, 2012
Lisle, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 1.6 miles (14.5 miles away)
March 20 and in the 80's?!  Decided to get the pack and bug spray out for a quick hike.  This is real close, nice trail with bonfire/totem pole area.  Once April hits, the path to a hill top look out facing Chicago opens!  Although its a tough incline, nice for sunset shots but you only have 30 minutes to hike back down. 
IMG_1519.JPG Photo
IMG_1521.JPG Photo
IMG_1498.JPG Photo
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DrRic Hiking -Waterfall Glen
von DrRic am Aug 28, 2011
Darien, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 8.8 miles (14.9 miles away)
Was going to do a long Starved Rock Hike for my BD but Waterfall Glen was calling out to me; hucked my usual 30 pound Gregory backpack, walking sticks, 4 bottles of water, 2 trail bars, a grapefruit and orange but still ended up getting leg cramps after hopping over stones at the waterfall so cut my hike short and took shoulder roadway to parking.  Too bad, I saw 2 big deer...
P7270093.JPG Photo
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P7270097.JPG Photo
DrRic Hiking -Springbrook Prarie
von DrRic am Jul 27, 2012
Country View Estates, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 3.7 miles (15.4 miles away)
Right off 75th and Book Road in Naperville.  Mostly prarie with pea gravel for runners and bikes.  The east side has an off road area all grass that passes through high brush but boarding on 87th you can hear cars trucks and one rooster (before the se corner of the trail heads north!)  In winter I would suspect you can follow the water way by bushwacking.....will let you know in 5 months....
PA070331.JPG Photo
PA070332.JPG Photo
PA070334.JPG Photo
PA070335.JPG Photo
DrRic Hiking -Wolf Road Woods
von DrRic am Oct 07, 2012
Willow Springs, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 3.0 miles (15.6 miles away)
Getting off I55 at the LaGrange Rd exit is blocked due to construction so better off taking the rt83 exit.  Vast forest preserve, I pulled off to GPS coordinates due to the detours and local law enforcement pulled up and stared with attitude.  Asked about local hiking and he seemed to be dialing a personal phone call.  Found an open forest preserve entrance and followed cyclists gathering for off road.  (I like the...
PA050001.JPG Photo
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DrRic Hiking -Wolf Road Woods 2
von DrRic am Oct 05, 2014
Willow Springs, Illinois, United States
Wandern | 1.5 miles (15.7 miles away)