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Yosemite Village, California, United States

Yosemite Point

A great viewpoint to provide fantatisc views of Yosemite Valley land features, including Half Dome and Lost Arrow Spire.

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Difficulty: Schwierig
Length: 8.4 miles / 13.5 km
Duration: Ganzer Tag
Übersicht: Yosemite Point (6,939 ft.), a mountain cliff stands right to Yosemite Fall , provides great and unobstructed views on the Yosemite Valley area. To get there, you need to hike the Upper Yosmetite Fall Trail to the top of the valley, cross Yosemite Creek, then follow the North Dome trail to the juncton for it. The trail head to the Upper Yosemite Fall trail is located at somewhere near the Camp 4 campground. Please allow 6-8 hours for this streneous hike.

Tipps: The trail is hot to hike during summers so make sure you bring a lot of water with you.

Points of Interest


Trail Head at Camp 4 (4,000 ft.)

Locate the Camp 4 kiosk and follow the trail signs nearby for Upper Yosemite Falls trail head. You will take Upper Yosemite Falls trail to the top of valley and then continue hiking on North Dome trail for Yosemite Point. From the trail head, the trail starts with a series of switchbacks. Continue hiking on the trail until you arrive at Columbia Rock which is about 1 mile away from the trial head and gaining 1,000 feet in elevation.

Columbia Rock (5,036 ft.)

After departing from Columbia Rock, you immediately hike up into the landslide area above. Use cautions here as the sand on the trail is quiet slippery. After another 10 minutes of ascending, reaching the elevatoin of 5,200 feet, the trail begins to descend for about 200 feet in elevaton before you meet the lower gate of Upper Yosemite Fall Trail.

Lower Gate (5,000 ft.)

After passing the lower gate, the trail becomes flat for about 500 feet before it ascends again. Here is also the best place to take shots of Upper Yosemite Fall and enjoy the moisture from it. After leaving the comfort of soothing moisture, you continue hiking up toward the walls of Eagle Tower with more switchbacks, steepier and totally exposed at the mercy of direct sunlight. More attention is required for loose gravels on the trail.In about 1.3 miles, you will finally arrive at the upper gate and the ascent is finally over. There is a small stream near the upper gate for water provision.

Upper Gate (6,625 ft.)

After passing the upper gate, cross a small stream on the right and then follow the sign for Yosemite Point Overlook. In about 10 minutes, you arrive the next junction to Yosemite Point.

Junction to Yosemite Point, North Dome (6,700 ft.)

Turn LEFT and follow the trail for Yosemite Point until you meet the foot bridge over Yosemite Creek.

Bridge over Yosemite Creek (6,600 ft.)

Cross the bridge and continue hiking up on the trail for Yosemite Point until you meet the next junction after 1 mile of hike.

Junction to Yosemite Point, North Dome (6,950 ft.)

At the junction, bear right for Yosemite Point and you will see it right away.

Yosemite Point (6,939 ft.)

At Yosemite Point, enjoy surrounding views of land features, Half Dome, North Dome, Sentinel Dome, Glacier Point and so on. While standing in front of the guard rail, locate the tree on your right and look down at its left. You will find the tip of Lost Arrow Spire. Lost Arrow Spire is famous as some climbers actually walk on the rope to get there from the rim of the valley. Take the same way back to the trail head once you're done enjoying the beautiful scences.

Mid. Cascades Overlook (5,030 ft.)

The unmarked junction to Mid. Cascades Overlook is located somewhere near the lower gate. It's a short walk to get there from the trail. Use caution while walking down to the overlook as it's steep. At the overlook, enjoy the views of Mid. Cascades in short distance.

Upper Yosemite Falls Overlook (6,540 ft.)

Follow the sign for Upper Yosemite Falls Overlook until you see the sign pole near the rim . Make a left turn at the sign pole and you descend on the stairway to a small plateform near the mouth of Yosemite Fall. It would be sort of scary here as only the guardrail keep you from falling all the way to the bottom of the valley. At the overlook, you can enjoy the view of the mouth of Yosemite Fall. Quiet an impressive experience.
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Great view on the valley floor.
Visited on Dec 31, 2013

von jasonchiu on Jan 13, 2014

Yosemite Point Trail Map

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The beauty of summit is that they'll still be there tomorrow. You can always come back and try again.

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