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Elk falls Chilliwack - British Columbia, Canada

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I always wanted to hike up to these falls.  Everytime I drove home from either Abbotsford, or out West i've always looks up at the falls and wanted to go up close and see, since we live in Rosedale.   There is alot less water coming down now then there was a month ago. 
Bring mosquito repellant!!! Also pack some gloves along since the last little bit is very steep . Hiking on all 4's  Pants is a must cause your walking through brush. Watch out for devils cove. But in the end the sight of falls is rewarding . no trails visible at times, need the trails app to guide you via the gps or u will get lost. Once you hear the water running you are in the right area.  Look for either Pink or Blue ribbons.  This is a hike for the extremist .  Do NOT hike in shorts
Elk creek Chilliwack
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Trip Info
August 04, 2012
Ort: Rosedale, British Columbia, Canada
Länge: 9.0 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Activity: Hiking
Tour 1,046 mal angesehen
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