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4 Falls Bamboo forest 1/2 track - Hawaii, United States

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This is a reverse track from the third waterfall back to the road .  I thought I did not have my iphone when we started this hike.  This is tracked from the third waterfall back to the road so it is incomplete.

This is on of my favorite hikes on Maui.  I have hiked this twice before.  This hike is best attempted with  either good strapped hiking sandals or do what I did.  I wore my light weight boots and carried my Chaco's in in my day pack for river crossings.  

You start this hike by looking for the trail in the dense bamboo forest. There are NO markings.  The forest is deep and lush. this is a quiet Hawaii few will see. There are a few trail spurs but look for a gorge crossing.  It is deep but about a stride across.  It was rather muddy so we used young bamboo to help guide us. Young bamboo is flexible and strong. There is a plank across the gorge but it is in poor shape.  It is rather slick on the other side so be careful.  There are toe holds and places to grab on the other side.  Follow trail along the creek.

The first waterfall is my favorite.  A great picture op.  Continue on and cross the creek.  In January you could cross by rock hopping.   
Follow trail through the bamboo along the creek.  You have to pick between some medium size rocks in this area so ankle support is appreciated.  You will come to the second waterfall.  Due to,lots of storming the pools were muddy.  I have been here where the pools were crystal clear and blue.
Continue on to the third waterfall.  Follow the trail until you see a  fairly steep scramble area with a rope to help navigate.  You have now arrived at waterfall number 3. This is a great place to swim if the water is clear.  Some flat rocks make a nice place.  

The adventurous can continue around the perimeter and climb a wooden ladder up to the top of this waterfall and continue to the smaller 4th waterfall. 
We saw lots of broken glass  in the parking area. Stash or carry valuables.  Carry or wear sturdy  hiking strapped sandals.  Use caution in the rope and ladder areas.  
Please respect nature and pack out your garbage.  Leave only footprints.
Watch weather reports for flash flood warnings.
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Trip Info
January 18, 2011
Ort: Haiku, Hawaii, United States
Länge: 0.7 miles
Duration: 1 hour
Activity: Hiking
Tour 7,525 mal angesehen
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